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Onward Routing Call Forwarding

The switch architecture for commonly used global digital technologies has the ability to forward an inbound call to a number resident on that switch to another number or route, either internally within the same switch or externally using carriage to another switch or network location. This solution is the simplest option to implement MNP since it requires little, if any, modification of the donor switch. 


  • Easy to implement, requiring few changes, if any, to the mobile switches
  • No impact on the fixed network operator call handling
  • Quick roll out is possible
  • The switch changes, ports, trunks and signaling area are all reusable or recoverable to the DONOR OPERATOR when the call forwarding
  • function is no longer required; either due to the customer disconnecting service or returning to service with the DONOR OPERATOR
  • Switch memory, call processing, trunks, trunk ports and signaling capacity are all fungible resources.


  • Potential to overload the call forwarding capacity, necessitating the deployment of extra capacity
  • SMS messages cannot be forwarded in this way
  • International calls terminating to a ported mobile number cannot be traced by the ROís billing system
  • The DONOR OPERATOR remains involved each time the customer ports or disconnects
  • Calls forwarded to a recipientís switch rely on the integrity of the Donor Operator orís network for the grade of service offered to its customers