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Porting Process (Subscribers):

Any subscriber who wants to use MNP services to switch mobile operators network should follow below mentioned steps:

Considerations before Porting:

A subscriber is advised to confirm below mentioned points before applying for porting request:

  • Number should be in the name of subscriber himself/herself. For convenience subscribers can use 667 SMS service. (Hyperlink for details).
  • Subscriber shall not be allowed to port out a number for up to sixty calendar days for newly activated numbers or numbers that are ported-in, this period is referred as MSP. Subscriber should make sure MSP period is over to port number successfully.
  • In case of post paid numbers, billing and security deposit shall be paid to avoid any financial obligation at current operators end.
  • Subscriber should make sure that he/she has no contract with current operator. In case of any contract porting request shall be declined by current operator due to contractual obligation.

Pre Paid Subscribers:

  • Subscriber will have to go to the new mobile service providerís Service Centre or Authorized Dealer to request for number porting.
  • Fill in a Port in Authorization Form and pay the porting fees for processing. Operator will issue a new SIM card. Following data is mandatory to fill in port in authorization form
    • Name
    • CNIC Number / Passport Number
    • SIM #
  • Upon approval, the new mobile service provider will inform the subscriber, once successfully ported, the new SIM card is activated.
  • Subscriber need to know that all existing credit will expire upon successful porting and not be carried to the new mobile service provider. Therefore, they are encouraged to plan accordingly.
  • Porting Cycle may take 4 business days to completely port a pre-paid number.

Post Paid Subscribers:

  • Other than above mentioned steps Post paid subscribers should also consider following points:
  • If subscriber have any overdue bills or have existing contracts with current mobile service provider, the current mobile service provider will reject port request which is made by the new mobile service provider.
  • Porting Cycle may take 14 business days to completely port a post paid number.

Corporate Customers:

  • Other than above mentioned steps, a Letter of authorization from the company containing customer name and numbers on company letter head should be provided to new mobile service provider.